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Opportunity to gain a double degree

The entrance of the Czech Republic into the EU has produced many new educational opportunities. One of these is the chance to gain a double diploma certificate. The Department of Inorganic Technology offers this possibility to students of the master’s degree programme Chemistry and Chemical Technology, who are studying in the field of study Basic and Special Inorganic Technologies. This is as a result of an agreement between ICT and both Universitat Rovira I Virgili Tarragona (Spain) and INPL Nancy (France).

On the basis of the Agreement signed between the above-mentioned universities, students follow the first year at their entrance university, and the second year at the partner university of their choice. Study leads to a double diploma certificate. In accordance with current Czech law, on completion of their studies abroad Czech students must also pass their state exams at ICT.

The advantages of this opportunity, when compared with the ERASMUS programme for example, is that it offers students the possibility of studying abroad for one complete academic year, and of obtaining two diploma certificates within the standard length of their studies.

More detailed information can be obtained from Prof. Karel Bouzek (e-mail:, tel.: 220 444 019) 

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