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Research activities of the department cover a wide spectrum of modern inorganic technologies. Special emphasis is focused on basic research and solving problems connected with new types of energy sources and the development of new catalysts, photocatalysts or membranes. In addition, partnership with industry results in projects aimed at establishing waste-free technologies or disposal of outdated environmental harmful technologies, more efficient utilization of raw materials and the computer simulation of technological processes.

Every single of our activities follows several fundamental principles and the most important one is to achieve long term sustainable development.

According to interdisciplinary acpects of majority of our projects we closely cooperate with top domestic and abroad institutions. Longterm cooperation with industrail partners represents a guarantee state of art technologies and emphase practical utilization of results. For good experimental results in labaratories is mathematical modelling and simulations done by our theoretics rather indispensable.

Projects can be generally divided into the following main areas. Specific information can be found in the Research Workgroups.

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