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Honors and Awards


The best poster award from ESEE 2021

Ing. Michaela Plevová received an award for the best poster for her contribution titled “Preparation of catalyst coated membrane for alkaline water electrolysis: influence of the substrate and preparation method”. This poster was presented at the 12th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering (ESEE 2021) organized by the WPEE (Working Party on Electrochemical Engineering at EFCE) in collaboration with Wetsus. The conference was held online on 14-17. June 2021.


 ◳ ESEE 2021 - Michaela Plevová (png) → (šířka 215px)

The best poster award

Ing. Martin Ďurovič won the award for the best poster at the Hydrogen Days 2021 conference, organized by the Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform. Due to ongoing measures against the spread of Covid-19, this conference was held online on 24-25 March. Martin succeeded with his poster "NiCoP cathode catalyst for electrochemical water splitting: Structural and electrochemical characterization".


 ◳ durovic-hydrogen days 2021 (png) → (výška 215px)


The best poster award

Students category of the best poster award at 20th International Conference on Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells“ (Brno, 25.-28. 5. 2019) won Ing. Michal Carda for his poster entitled "Impact of Morphological And Structural Changes On Performance Of Solid Oxide Cells".


Certificate of Merit

Our dear collegue Dr. Balamurugan Devadas has been awarded with prestigious award at international electrochemical symposium iSAEST-12 for his contribution entitled "Electrochemical synthesis of 2-Iodoxybenzoic acid as higly selective metal-free organic oxidation agent".

Congratulations Bala!

Certificate of merit - Balamurugan Devadas (šířka 450px)2018

Ivan Dlouhý prize

Even in this year our students did a great job. Ing. Karel Denk ("Capacitive deionization for drinking water desalination") and Ing. Jakub Rutrle ("Optimization and mathematical modeling of the laboratory alkaline water electrolyzer stack") has been awarded by Ivan Dlouhý prize for the best thesis in chemical technology with utillization of mathematical modelling.

Congratulations for both of you!

The best poster award

Students category of the best poster award at Moderné trendy v anorganických technológiách 2018“ (Bánská Šťávnice, 21.-23. 5. 2018) won two students Ing. Michal Carda with his poster "High temperature reactors for energy storage" and Ing. Martin Pultar for his work regarding "Dolomite dissolving in nitric acid".

Thank you for great represantation of our department and congratulations!


Ivan Dlouhý prize

One of the first alumnae of study programme "Hydrogen and membrane technologies" Ing. Michal Carda has been awarded with Ivan Dlouhý prize for his thesis entitled "An influence of selected phosphorus compounds on H3PO4-doped proton exchange membrane fuel cell operation" as the best thesis in chemical technology with utillizing mathematical modelling.

The best publication award

Metroohm company Czech Republic s.r.o. awarded our collegue Ing. Tomáš Bytroň, Ph.D. for the best scientific publication of young electroanalytical chemist (up to 35 years old). Commetee acknowledged his paper "H3PO3 electrochemical behaviour on a bulk Pt electrode: adsorption and oxidation kinetics" published in impacted journal Electrochimica Acta.


(M. Prokop, T. Bystron, M. Paidar, K. Bouzek, Electrochimica Acta 212 (2016) 465-472)


Ivan Dlouhý prize

For the best thesis in chemical technology with utillizing mathematical modelling was this year awarded Ing. Tereza Jadrná with her thesis "Design and characterization of the alkaline water electrolyzer stack with anion selective polymer electrolyte".


The best young scientist award (up to 35 years old) for UCT employees

Last week the Vice-Rector for Research and Development awarded 5 out of 23 registered young talented scientists for their outstanding work. Among the rewarded was our collegue Ing. Tomáš Bystroň, Ph.D., who recieved motiavtion aid for his research work. Congratulations for this important award!


Josef Hlávka prize

Our postgraduate student Ing. Filip Karas recieved a significant Josef Hlávka award on 23. July 2015 in Lužany. This award is designated for the best students and alumnea from Prague public universities, technical university of Brno and young talented workers of Czech Academy of Science. He was awarded for his outstanding abilities and creative mind in his field of expertise.

Rector prize for young scientists

Huge success acheived Ing. Roman Kodým, Ph.D., our assistant-professor. Among three other collegues he received on 23. July 2015 in Betlem Chapel the "Rector prize for the best young scientist in 2015". He was acknowledged foir his outstanding scientifical, educational and organizational results.


Cena rektora pro mladé akademické pracovníky za rok 2015 - první zprava Roman Kodým (šířka 215px)

"Hydrogen Days 2015" - our students were awarded

Several of our students were awarded for their work during "Hydrogen Days 2015" conference which took place in Prague in March 2015.
The prize for the best student lecture won Ing. Jaromír Hnát and Ing. Martin Prokop for their lectures entitled "Properties of novel anion selective material with DABCO functional groups for alkaline water electrolysis" and "Kinetics of H3PO3 electrochemical oxidation on a bulk electrode" respectively.
Ing. Jakub Mališ managed to win the best student poster cathegory for his poster "Hydrogen permeability of selected perfluorinated sulphonated membranes in PEM water electrolysis".

Congratulations to all of you!


The best student poster

During the conference "Moderní trendy v anorganických technologiích 2014" again proved our students their excellent abilities. Two out of three best posters won our postgraduate students. Ing. Šárka Paušová for her poster "Preparation and photocatalytic activity of ZnCr-LDH" and Ing. Jakub Polonský for his work "Anodes for PEM water electrolyzers".


Hydrogen days 2014 - Awarded students

In April 2014 was held a conference "Hydrogen Days 2014" and three of our students were rewarded for their contributions:

Student Award recieved:

  • Ing. Jakub Polonský for his lecture "Optimisation of an anode for the PEM water electrolysers",
  • Ing. Monika Drakselová for her poster "Mathematical modelling – powerful tool for understanding of degradation mechanisms in PEM type fuel cel",
  • Ing. Martin Prokop for his poster "Preparation of Pt based catalytic layer on the rotating electrode surface for catalyst characterisation in H3PO4 at elevated temperatures".


Josef Hlávka prize

This prestigious prize received in 2012 our postgraduate student Ing. Petr Mazúr.

The best poster award - 4th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment 2012, Cairns, Australia

Ing. Miloslav Lhotka, Ph.D. and his team received the best poster award for their contribution "Removal of Arsenic and Selenium with Rehydrated Clay Minerals".

Conference ELMEMPRO 2012

During ELMEMPRO conference in Český Krumlov received Ing. Karel Vazač award for the best poster. As the best lectures were acknowledged lectures given by Ing. Jaromír Hnát (3rd place) and Ing. Petr Pánek (4th place).


Josed Hlávka prize

This prestigious prize received in 2011 our postgraduate student Ing. Jaromír Hnát.

Unipetrol prize 2011

Unipetrol prize 2011 received our student Ing. Jakub Mališ for his thesis "Air pollution influence on membrane fuel cell behavior".

The best poster award - Trendy v anorganické technologii 2011

The best poster award received our two students Ing. Šárka Paušová and Ing. Karel Vazač.


Josef Hlávka prize

This prestigious prize received in 2010 our postgraduate student Ing. Martin Zlámal.

Unipetrol prize 2010

Unipetrol prize 2010 received our student Ing. František Moulis for his thesis "Mathematical model of the annular flow microreactor for the high-temperature methane oxidation".

Commemorative medal in surfaces treatment

In this year received doc. Ing. Vladimír Mejta, CSc. the commemorative medal for his contributions in this field.



Josef Hlávka prize

This prestigious prize received in 2009 our postgraduate student Ing. Tomáš Bystroň.


Minister of Education, Youth and Sports prize for science in 2008

This prize was awarded to prof. Dr. Ing. Karlu Bouzkovi for his scientific work in years 2000 - 2008 for his work regarding utillization of conductive polemers as catalytic support in low temperature fuel cells.

The best poster award - PRŮMYSLOVÁ CHEMIE

The best poster award was given by Czech Chemistry Society and Spolchemie a.s. to our bachelor student (3rd year) Jakub Mališ for his contribution "Operating conditions influence on PEM fuel cell characteristics".

Synergie 2008

Our postgraduate student Ing. Roman Kodým received Synergie 2008 award for his project in collaboration with MEGA a.s. entitled “Optimized flow distributor in industrial electrodialyzer EDR III”.


Josef Hlávka prize

This prestigious prize received in 207 our postgraduate student Mgr. Petr Holzhauser.


Prize for Chemistry 2006

Excellent third place in Chemistry prize obtained our postgradual student Mgr. Petr Holzhauser.

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