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Laboratory equipment

Technical electrochemistry

  • Frequency response analysers and potentiostats Solartron
  • LCR bridges HAMEG
  • Rotating disk electrodes PINE
  • HEKA potentiostats
  • ICP-OES – Optima 8000, fa. Perkin Elmer
  • Electrochemical quarts nanoscales
  • CNC cutter
  • Deionized water production station DIWA


  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer - Cecil Instruments (England)
    • spectrophotometric analysis,
  • HPLC chromatograph with a UV-Vis diode-array detector-Shimadzu (Japan)
    • analysis of organic compounds (absorbing in UV) in the water,
  • gas chromatograph with FID detector (Varian CP 3800))
    • continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures,
  • gas chromatograph with TCD, FID detector (Master, Dani)
    • continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures,
  • infrared spectrometer FTIR (is10, Nicolet),
  • instrument for measuring the contact angle (DSA 30, Kruess),
  • solar simulator (Oriel),
  • dipcoater,
  • spray coater,
  • autoclave (Berghof);
  • profilometer Dektak XT (Bruker)
    • measurement of thin films thickness
  • instrument for measuring photoelectrochemical properties of thin films
  • instrument for measuring photocatalytic efficiency of polluitant degradation in liquid and gaseous phase
  • instrument for measuring conductivity of thin films

Catalytic and membrane processes

  • Unit for measurement of catalytic activity
  • Unit for permeation/catalytic activity measurements
  • GC-MS system, Trace DSQ, fa. Thermo Electron Corporation
  • Analytical system for dynamic sorption and catalytic measurements, fa. Linseis
  • Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer - ASAP 2020, fa. Micromeritics
  • Extended Pressure Sorption Analyzer - ASAP 2050, fa. Micromeritics
  • Raman spectrometer

Heterogeneous non-catalysed reactions

  • Mercury Porosimeter AutoPore IV 9500 (fa. Micromeritics)
  • Reactor System Globe (fa. Syrris) with jacketed vessels from 0.5 to 3 dm3 and probes for measurement of various reaction parameters (temperature, pH solution, stirring speed, volume of added reactant…)
  • Optical Microscope Axio Scope.A1 (fa. Zeiss)
  • Automatic titration apparatus Titroline Alpha 50 plus (fa. Schott)
  • Analytical Screening Device AS 200 (fa. Retsch) – wet and dry analysis of particle size distribution
  • Liquid Circulation Thermostat  A40 Presto (fa. Julabo)  (programmable)

Other laboratory equipment: dryers (fa. Memmert), analytical balances (fa. Mettler), stirrers (fa. IKA), thermostats (fa. Julabo) and pH-meters Orion A211 (fa. Thermo Scientific), ProLab 1000 (fa. Schott) etc.

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