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We aim for clarification of fundamental scientific questions and solving technical issues which impede broad utilization of photoactive materials (e.g. nanocrystalline titanium dioxide). These materials can be used for self-cleaning surfaces, photocatalytic purification of air, water and contaminated soil, organic synthesis,  utilization of solar energy etc. Our Laboratory of Photocatalytic Materials and Technologies in Technopark Kralupy offers highly qualified services for research, development and inovation, and experimental work for various customers.


  • Preparation of layers of semiconductor materials (e.g. titanium dioxide, tungsten oxide, iron oxide) using various chemical and physico-chemical procedures.
  • Development of semiconductor materials for photoelectrochemical water splitting using sunlight.
  • Study of photocatalytic processes for sunlight energy coversion to eletrical energy.
  • Development of standard methods (ISO, CEN) for testing of selfcleaning and disinfection effects of photocatalytic surfaces.
  • Construction of various types of laboratory photoreactors for photocatalytic cleaning and disinfecting in liquid and gaseous phase and their testing in order to optimize the working conditions.
  • Study of the kinetics of oxidative degradation of organic pollutants and photocatalytic inactivation of microorganisms.


  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer - Cecil Instruments (England)
    • spectrophotometric analysis,
  • HPLC chromatograph with a UV-Vis diode-array detector-Shimadzu (Japan)
    • analysis of organic compounds (absorbing in UV) in the water,
  • gas chromatograph with FID detector (Varian CP 3800))
    • continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures,
  • gas chromatograph with TCD, FID detector (Master, Dani)
    • continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures,
  • infrared spectrometer FTIR (is10, Nicolet),
  • instrument for measuring the contact angle (DSA 30, Kruess),
  • solar simulator (Oriel),
  • dipcoater,
  • spray coater,
  • autoclave (Berghof);
  • profilometer Dektak XT (Bruker)
    • measurement of thin films thickness
  • instrument for measuring photoelectrochemical properties of thin films
  • instrument for measuring photocatalytic efficiency of polluitant degradation in liquid and gaseous phase
  • instrument for measuring conductivity of thin films

Further accompanied by the regular laboratory equipment of our laboratories such as potentiostats, dryers, stirrers, centrifuges, furnaces, heaters, UV meters, pH meters etc.

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Group leader

prof. Dr. Ing. Josef Krýsa

Academic staff

Ing. Michal Baudys, Ph.D.
Ing. Šárka Paušová, Ph.D.

Research staff

Dr. Michael Neumann Spallart
Ing. Hana Bartková, Ph.D.


Mgr. Martin Brada
Ing. Tomáš Imrich
Ing. Jakub Rusek
Aleksandra Němečková


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