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prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Bouzek

Karel Bouzek (ořez 215*215px)


   Position:   Head of department
   Room:   A25a
   Phone:   220 444 019

   Workgroup:   Technical electrochemistry




Career Summary:

1991   MSc. thesis in the field of Inorganic Technology at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague)
1997   Ph.D. thesis at UCT Prague (Electrochemical Synthesis of Ferrates)
2001   Habilitation at UCT Prague
2005   Appointed as a full professor in the field of Inorganic Technology at UCT Prague

Current Position:

Head of the Department of Inorganic Technology, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, UCT Prague

Research Interest:

technical electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering with a focus on hydrogen technologies (fuel cells and water electrolysis) and water treatment, including mathematical modeling

Membership in the Scientific organizations and other related activities:

Czech Chemical Society (member), Czech Society of Chemical Engineering (member of the main committee), Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry (member of the board), Czech Membrane Platform (member), Electrochemical Society (member), International Society of Electrochemistry (past chair of the division 5: Electrochemical process engineering and technology), Working party on Electrochemical Engineering at EFCE (representative of the Czech Republic, chair of the Working Party), Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (representative of the Czech Republic), Supervisory Board of the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry  of the Academy of the Czech Academy of Sciences (member), Supervisory Board of Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (member)

Membership in Editorial Boards:

Journal of Applied Electrochemistry (Springer)
Electrochemical Science Advances (Willey)

Expert Activities:

participation in a number of European projects in the field of fuel cells and water electrolysis (coordination of tasks focused on polymer electrolytes and mathematical modeling); coordination, or participation in projects financed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, TACR and GACR; leadership of students at all levels of study; organization of European summer schools, etc.
The main attention is paid to the development of polymer electrolytes, synthesis and characterization of electrocatalysts, optimization of MEA and construction of electrochemical cells. All these activities are accompanied by mathematical modeling.

Publication activity as of 8. 11. 2022:      192 articles in scientific journals
h-index:    37

Updated: 8.11.2022 10:38, Author: Karel Bouzek

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