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100 year celebration

Dear alumnae,

according to progress of Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to hold this event in May. If everything will go smoothly the Department 100 years celebration is going to be held on 7th of November 2020. Please fill in registration form and we will hopefully see each other in November!

Thank you for your understanding!

Dear alumnea, dear collegues,

even thou it's hardly believable in this year our Department of Inorganic Technology at UCT Prague reached a 100 years of existence. You will certainly agree that this number deserves small moment of consideration, memories and ideally a discussion with know or not yet known collegues. Those are the collegues we share memories of lecture rooms, laboratories, teachers and classmates. Therefore, we have decided that we will arrange a meeting that will enable us to meet up. Hopefully, this event will help to strenghten your bond with our Alma Mater and collegues you probably didn't see for years. I would like to kindly invite you back to UCT Prague at Saturday 7th of November 2020. Our goal is to show you today's department and allow you to recollect foregone years.

Karel Bouzek
Head of Department of Inorganic Technology

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