Technical electrochemistry

Research activities of the working group are primarily focused on application of electrochemistry in industrial practice and protection of environment. The main solved topics are related to the question "hydrogen economy" and to the treatment of liquid solutions using electromembrane processes.


This group aims to contribute to the clarification of fundamental scientific questions and solving technical problems that still stand in wide practical application of photoactive materials (such as nanocrystalline titanium oxide) for the self-cleaning sanitary surfaces; photocatalytic purification of air, water and contaminated soils; organic synthesis; the use of solar energy and other fields.

Catalytic and membrane processes

The focus of this research working group can be found in catalytic and separation processes. Experimental activity is aimed at the preparation, characterization and testing of catalysts and membranes for gas separation, or to study the kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions. Another important part is the creation of software for simulation of some chemical-technological processes and new chemical technologies.

Heterogeneous non-catalysed reactions

The main activity of this group is more focused on applied research arising from cooperation with industrial partners. It is based on the study of the kinetics of heterogeneous non-catalysed reactions, as an example decomposition of raw materials by mineral acids or some processes for environment.