Technical electrochemistry

Characteristic of the working group Technical electrochemistry:

Main activities of working group Technical electrochemistry are focused on application of electrochemistry in environment protection. This includes hydrogen based energy sources or waste water treatment and purification. The second part of activities represents computer modelling from electrochemical fundamentals to design and optimization of industrial units.


Academic staff

Research staff

Postgraduate students

What are the topics?

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis (PEM, alkaline, high temperature)

Electrochemical synthesis of ferrates for emergency water purification

High temperature membrane fuel cells

Electrochemical methods of electrochemical water treatment and purification

Electrochemical degradation of catalysts in fuel cells

Mathematical modelling of the catalyst degradation in fuel cells

Mathematical modelling of electrochemical reactors

Fluids treatment by electrodialysis process

Laboratory equipment

Frequency response analysers and potentiostats Solartron

LCR bridges HAMEG

Rotating disk electrodes PINE

HEKA potentiostats

ICP-OES – Optima 8000, fa. Perkin Elmer

Electrochemical quarts nanoscales

CNC cutter

Deionized water production station DIWA

….and further the regular laboratory equipment of our laboratories such as furnaces, dryers, stirrers etc.