The department’s name expresses its aim, which is to prepare graduates for management roles in the production of inorganic substances. Students acquire a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of the procedures used in the production of these substances. Our graduates are familiar with important basic and specialised processes.

Applied theoretical courses form the core of the study program. Dissertation topics originate from the research activities of the department, as well as from cooperation with domestic and international partners from both industry and research institutions.

The broad range of optional subjects offered within the study programme enables our graduates to find positions not only in the chemical sphere, but also in other technical fields. 

Bachelor degree programme

The three-year bachelor study offers a versatile chemical and technical education. Students acquire basic knowledge about raw materials and production processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The graduates are prepared for subsequent studies of Master degree programmes (at our faculty or related universities in the Czech Republic and abroad) or to find qualified jobs.

Master degree programme

Master degree sub-programmes provide students with the deeper theoretical foundations of technical chemistry and methodology of their application to practical examples. They are educated experts able to design, develop, operate and optimize chemical technologies and manage chemical plants, research laboratories or find their jobs in administration. The best graduates are also prepared to continue their studies at the PhD degree programmes.  

Postgraduate programme

Postgraduate degree course is focused on theoretical and practical knowledge of the processes used in promising inorganic productions. Students are introduced to the basic and special technologies of inorganic substances and acquire practical experience in teamwork where they solve research topics of new technologies and related aspects of sustainable development.

Mobility programme

Our department cooperates with many foreign technical universities. Students have also possibility to gain experience abroad. 


In this part you can find questions for the final state exams, instructions for laboratory work and other documents.