Research activities of the Department of Inorganic Technology cover a wide spectrum of solved topics. Workers are interested in both basic and applied research. Special emphasis is focused on solving problems connected with new types of energy sources, the development of new catalysts and membranes or the study of photocatalytic processes. In addition, partnership with industry results in projects aimed at establishing waste-free technologies, more efficient utilization of raw materials and the computer simulation of technological processes. Many of our projects have interdisciplinary character so we collaborate with many top local and foreign institutions. Long-term cooperation with industrial partners ensures to have applicable and up to date research results.


Department of Inorganic Technology is divided into four working groups:

  • Technical electrochemistry
  • Photocatalysis
  • Catalytic and membrane processes
  • Heterogeneous non-catalyzed reactions

Apparatus equipment

Our department is equipped with a number of specialized devices, their list is available here. All our laboratories are recently renovated and are, in addition to the above-mentioned devices, provided with regular laboratory equipment such as: stabilized power supplies, thermostats, thermometers, scales, digital multimeters, pH meters, conductometers, dryers, ovens, pumps, flow meters, stirrers, etc.