Master sub-programme: Membrane materials and process engineering

Sub-programme "Membrane Materials and Membrane Engineering" is a Czech version of the European programme "Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering" EM3E. This programme offers an advanced education programme related to membrane science and engineering at the interface between material science and chemical engineering and focused on specific applicative fields.

It involves 6 High Education Institutions of 5 European countries: University of Twente (Netherlands), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic), Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France) and Université Montpellier 2 (France, coordinating organisation). Associated partners are the Universitat della Calabria (Italy), the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Université Hassan II of Mohammedia (Morocco). The pedagogical project of Master comes from the closely collaboration between partners through the European Research Network of Excellence NanoMemPro (EU-FP7).

Erasmus Mundus is an educational programme launched by the European Commission to promote the cooperation and mobility of higher education. It is a unique opportunity to offer attractive scholarships to non-European and European students by placing emphasis on the diversity of the students’ origin.

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Study plan

Winter term

Study of the first semester takes place in France at 2 universities: University Montpellier 2 focuses on Materials Science and University Paul Sabatier Toulouse on physico-chemical processes.

Summer term

CodeCourse nameInstituteLELabCompletionCredits
Required courses
S105013Membrane Processes105210c, Ex4
S111019Process Design111320c, Ex5
S105008Applied Reaction Kinetics105220c, Ex4
S409028Separation Processes409210c, Ex5
S105022Individual Project 21050010Ex6
S437018Intellectual Capital Management437210c, Ex3
S105010Valorisation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship105210c, Ex3
Compulsorily optional courses
S834003Czech Language and Culture834020cc0
The second semester takes place in the Czech republic at UCT Prague, see study plan.

Winter term

During the 3rd semester students choose one of 3 specializations: i) Nanosciences and Nanotechnology - University of Zaragoza in Spain, ii) Energy and Environment - University of Twente in Netherlands or iii) Biotechnologies, Food and Health - University of Lisboa in Portugal.

Summer term

The last semester is devoted to a 6 months master thesis in a university or an industrial company.

Theses topics

The topics of Master Thesis are based on research projects of our department. They are individually prepared for each student depending on his/her specialization and previous experience. An overview of the topics can be for example obtained from the themes for undergraduate students or from previous Bachelor or Master Theses.