Master degree programme: Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Sub-programme: Basic and special inorganic technology

This sub-programme provides students the deep theoretical basics of technical chemistry and methodology of their application to practical issues. Graduates are able to design, develop, operate and optimize chemical technology and manage chemical plants. It continues the tradition of the chemical industry and develops the new modern trends.

Sub-programme: Hydrogen and Membrane Technologies

Goal of master programme is to train specialists with theoretical and practical skills in the field of membrane processes and hydrogen technologies. The aim of the study is preparation and characterization of materials for the production of membranes. During the study students choose between specialization oriented toward membrane processes for separation and energy conversion. Education will provide graduates with a convenient starting point for their professional career in research and industrial markets.

Sub-programme: Membrane materials and process engineering

Our department participates in education within the Master's program Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering (EM³E) and doctoral program Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME). The main aim of these projects is, in collaboration with other members of the consortium, to improve knowledge in the field of membrane materials and processes.