Heterogeneous non-catalysed reactions

Characteristic of the working group Heterogeneous non-catalysed rections:

As the name implies, our working group deals with the study of solid - liquid or solid - gas reactions respectively. These reactions often play key role in field of industrial chemistry, energetics, metallurgy and/or ecology. We are more focused on applied research, which especially involves the kinetics study of reactions important in the production of mineral fertilizers and processes for environmental protection.


Academic staff

Postgraduate students

What are the topics?

Dissolution of raw materials by mineral acids (phosphates, magnesite, limestone, dolomite)

Treatment of waste acids

Reprocessing of industrial gypsums

Determination of solids textural characteristics by mercury porosimetry

Laboratory equipment

Mercury Porosimeter AutoPore IV 9500 (fa. Micromeritics)

Reactor System Globe (fa. Syrris) with jacketed vessels from 0.5 to 3 dm3 and probes for measurement of various reaction parameters (temperature, pH solution, stirring speed, volume of added reactant…)

Optical Microscope Axio Scope.A1 (fa. Zeiss)

Automatic titration apparatus Titroline Alpha 50 plus (fa. Schott)

Analytical Screening Device AS 200 (fa. Retsch) – wet and dry analysis of particle size distribution

Liquid Circulation Thermostat  A40 Presto (fa. Julabo)  (programmable)

Other laboratory equipment: dryers (fa. Memmert), analytical balances (fa. Mettler), stirrers (fa. IKA), thermostats (fa. Julabo) and pH-meters Orion A211 (fa. Thermo Scientific) or ProLab 1000 (fa. Schott).