Catalytic and membrane processes

Characteristic of working group Catalytic and membrane processes

The main activity of our working group is to study catalytic and membrane processes usable in industrial and environmental applications. We deal with this issue comprehensively, i.e. from own development and characterization of catalysts and membranes, through their testing in specific processes to the development of software designed for mathematical modelling of catalytic bed reactors or membrane separators. In addition, we design and simulate new chemical technologies.


Academic staff

Postgraduate students

What are the topics?

Preparation, development and characterization of catalysts
(for direct transformation of methane to aromatics, for environmental applications e.g. NOx decomposition)

Preparation and development of polymeric, inorganic and composite  membranes (zeolite and ZIF layers on ceramic supports, mixed matrix membranes) for gas separation

Design of new technologies
(realized e.g. Remediation of technological ground water solutions from chemical uranium mining in the state company DIAMO Stráž pod Ralskem, Production technology of dimethyllaurylamine In Taminco Gent).)

Modelling of membrane and chemical processes 

Laboratory equipment

Unit for measurement of catalytic activity

Unit for permeation/catalytic activity measurements

GC-MS system, Trace DSQ, fa. Thermo Electron Corporation

Analytical system for dynamic sorption and catalytic measurements, fa. Linseis

Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer - ASAP 2020, fa. Micromeritics

Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer - ASAP 2050, fa. Micromeritics

      Raman spectrometer