Apparatus equipment

Special devices

Analytical equipment

ICP-OES – Optima 8000, fa. Perkin Elmer (doc. Paidar)

GC-MS system, Trace DSQ, fa. Thermo Electron Corporation (Dr. Fíla, Ing. Lhotka)

UV/VIS spectrophotometer, fa. Cecil Instruments (prof. Krýsa, Ing. Zlámal)
spectrophotometric analysis 

HPLC chromatograph with a UV-Vis diode-array detector, fa. Shimadzu (prof. Krýsa)
analysis of organic compounds (absorbing in UV) in the water 

Gas chromatograph with FID detector, Varian CP 3800 (prof. Krýsa)
continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures 

Gas chromatograph with TCD, FID detector, Master, Dani (prof. Krýsa)
continuous chromatography analysis of gaseous mixtures 

FTIR is10, Nicolet (prof. Krýsa)

Raman spectrometer (Ing. Lhotka)

Automatic titration apparatus Titroline Alpha 50 plus, fa. Schott (doc. Vídenský, Ing. Sedlářová)

Structural characteristics equipment

Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer - ASAP 2020, fa. Micromeritics (Ing. Lhotka)

Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer - ASAP 2050, fa. Micromeritics (Ing. Lhotka)

Mercury Porosimeter AutoPore IV 9500, fa. Micromeritics (Ing. Sedlářová, doc. Vídenský)

Optical Microscope Axio Scope.A1, fa. Zeiss (Ing. Sedlářová, Ing. Zlámal)

Electrochemistry studies

Frequency response analysers and potentiostats Solartron (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)
measurement of electrochemical impedance, study of electrochemical process kinetics 

LCR bridges HAMEG (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)

Rotating disk electrodes PINE (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)
study of electrode process kinetics in parallel with analysis of forming products

HEKA potentiostats (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)
study of electrochemical processes 

Electrochemical quarts nanoscales (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)
online monitoring of changes in electrode mass, in parallel with monitoring electrode potential

Study of sorption, catalysis, photocatalysis, permeation, kinetics…..

Analytical system for dynamic sorption and catalytic measurements, fa. Linseis (Dr. Fíla, Ing. Lhotka)

Unit for measurement of catalytic activity (Dr. Fíla)

Solar Simulator, Oriel (prof. Krýsa, Ing. Zlámal)

Instrument for measuring the contact angle, DSA 30, Kruess (Ing. Zlámal)

Unit for permeation/catalytic activity measurements (Dr. Fíla)

Reactor System Globe, fa. Syrris (doc. Vídenský, Ing. Sedlářová)
with jacketed vessels from 0.5 to 3 dm3 and probes for measurement of various reaction parameters (temperature, pH solution, stirring speed, volume of added reactant…)

Other interesting equipment

Dipcoater,  Spray coater (prof. Krýsa, Ing. Zlámal)

CNC cutter (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)

Deionized water production station DIWA (doc. Paidar, prof. Bouzek)

Analytical Screening Device AS 200, fa. Retsch (doc. Vídenský, Ing.Sedlářová)
wet and dry analysis of particle size distribution

Autoclave Berghof (prof. Krýsa, Ing. Zlámal)

Liquid Circulation Thermostat  A40 Presto, fa. Julabo (programmable) (doc. Vídenský)

General devices

constant voltage supply, regulated power supply, thermostats, balances, digital multimeters, flow meters, hygrometers, furnaces, stirrers etc.